Pigmentation and sun damage

Combination of Dermalogica facials and Variable pulse Light (VPL) and CACI treatments will break down the melanin which causes pigmentation due to excess sun exposure over the years, it will reduce the amount of pigmentation the naked eye can see on the surface both treatments and the Dermalogica range will recharge your skin’s natural radiance and clarity whilst reversing environmentally ageing skin by reducing pigmentation and fine lines by 17%

CACI Ultimate healing Acne treatment

The healing energy of red light and the calming action of blue light is used in combination with CACI’s exclusive skin resurfacing technology to achieve a clearer complexion and removing the signs of sun damage.

The Energyst Variable pulse light system

Uses yellow light frequencies to stimulate collagen and breakdown pigmentation. Visibly Improving skin tone, increasing collagen production, and clears many unwanted pigmentation resulting in smoother, plumper and revitalised skin.

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