Dermalogica has two product ranges for Acne, adults and for teens

For Adults – Dermalogica mediBac is a cleansing system that targets, treats and protects adult skin from adult acne. A lot of acne treatments are specifically designed with teenage skin in mind, and these treatments can often be too irritable and harsh for adult acne skin. Dermalogica mediBac is developed to control acne without compromising skin’s health; the range of products is developed to clear skin for a fresh and healthy complexion.

The common cause for adult acne is often chronic stress, this heightens the adrenal glands and can boost the sebum production. Other causes can also be overactive sebaceous glands, dead skin cells, bacteria and inflammation.

For teenagers – Dermalogica Clear Start

This multitasking system of sophisticated products features potent yet gentle formulations that get the job done without irritating or drying out the skin, as do many other acne-controlling products in the market. Our daily three-step regimen, combined with targeted products for extra clearing, will reveal healthy, clear skin by removing impaction plugs, killing bacteria, controlling excess sebum and reducing inflammation.

We invite you to explore this range and see how Clear Start can help you build a better relationship with your skin for a healthy future.

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