“This was the first time I had even thought about ipl and  the consultation was so professional and knowledgeable it  put me at ease straight away and I booked a course straight away”

“I have had 2 treatments for hair removal and I am over the  moon with the results I have a 50% reduction already can’t wait to not have to  worry about shaving and waxing”

“I have been to a lot of clinics enquiring for ipl and laser  and I have to say this one was the most professional and experienced one all my  questions answered and given me so much information thank you I have booked in already”

I had my first  treatment today I was a little worried about the pain but I needn’t have been I  could hardly feel it only a slight warm sensation waxing is 100 times worse will now be having more areas done”

“I am at the end of my course and I just wanted to say a big  thank you I have had a 70% if not more reduction and it has changed my  life”